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Meet Master Alex: Your Feng Shui Guru

Discover the power of Feng Shui with Master Alex

A seasoned expert in harmonious living, join Master Alex through his engaging public speaking seminars, as he shares ancient wisdom to transform your life.


Follow him on a journey to unlock prosperity, health, and happiness through the art of Feng Shui.

  • My Public Seminar

    I share many Feng Shui tips during my live public seminars

Sharing many of my Feng Shui knowledge during live seminars

A Huge Turn Out

Feng Shui is in many people's mind, and they are eager to learn the many knowledge and tips I share during every public seminar event.

Master Alex public speaking event collective
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Marko & Friends Conference

Being part of this special event to honour the MEP-Grads, which included honourable speakers, Marko, Alfred Choo and Rayney Wong. 

Eager Participants at Seminar

Many participants at my Feng Shui seminar are eager to discover the knowledge I impart on them, as I engage them through interactive media and discussions.

Master Alex public speaking at event hall
Master Alex lively engagement

New Feng Shui Knowledge Gained

My public seminars encourage participants to open up their minds and discover new Feng Shui understandings that they are not aware of previously. 

Placements and Colours

Discussions on topics such as object placements and colour selections can instil many interests and reactions from participants. 

Master Alex lively engagement
Master Alex on moral issues

Moral Understanding through Feng Shui

During my seminars, many moral lessons can be learned as I share the art and science of true Feng Shui.