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Feng Shui can be a useful tool for creating a harmonious living environment

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House Selection

The selection of a house is based on a variety of factors including:


The house should be situated in a peaceful and harmonious environment with good energy flow.


The front door should face a positive direction that is auspicious for the occupants.


The shape of the house should be regular and harmonious, avoiding sharp corners and irregular shapes.

Property Enhancement

In enhancing a property, it involves creating a harmonious balance of energy (known as "chi") to promote prosperity, health, and happiness for the occupants. Some common methods for enhancing a property include:

Front door placement

The front door should be well-lit, clean, and easily accessible, facing an auspicious direction.

Interior design

Decluttering and organizing the interior, adding natural elements such as plants and water features, and using colors and materials that promote positive energy flow.


Surrounding the property with greenery, adding water features such as fountains, and creating a balanced and harmonious outdoor environment.

Furniture placement

Arranging furniture in a way that promotes good energy flow and avoids blocking the entrance to rooms and doorways.

Chi-enhancing objects

So as to create a positive energy flow within the house for an overall goodness in terms of health, wealth and success in life for the occupants of the house.

House Audit

A house audit in Feng Shui involves evaluating the energy flow and balance of a property, and to make recommendations to enhance the living environment. It is highly recommended to do an annual house audit due to the annual changes in energy flow.

Commercial Audit

A Feng Shui commercial audit is similar to a Feng Shui house audit, but focuses on evaluating the energy flow and balance of a commercial property, such as an office building or retail space.


The goal of a commercial Feng Shui audit is to create a harmonious and productive environment that supports the success of the business. After the audit, recommendations may include rearranging furniture, adding natural elements, or adjusting the placement of objects within the building.

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Life Analysis

A life analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's personal and professional life, taking into account various factors such as health, relationships, career, and wealth. A Feng Shui practitioner may consider the following during a life analysis:

Personal history

An individual's personal history, including their family background and significant life events, and how they may impact their current life.

Birth data

An individual's birth data, including their birth date, time, and place, to determine their personal success destiny.

Home environment

The individual's living environment, including the placement of their bed, desk, and other furniture, and how they may impact their personal energy flow.


An individual's relationships, including their personal and professional relationships, and how they may impact their life.


An individual's career goals and aspirations, and how they may be addressed through Feng Shui recommendations.


An individual's physical and emotional health, and how it may be impacted by their personal energy flow and environment.

The Holistic Approach

Based on these factors, a Feng Shui practitioner may make recommendations for enhancing the individual's personal energy flow and balance, such as adjusting the placement of objects in their living environment, making changes to their personal life, or pursuing certain career paths. The goal of a Feng Shui life analysis is to create a harmonious and fulfilling life for the individual.