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We were truly impressed with Master Alex services when we consulted him to have a look at the Feng Shui of our clinic studio. He explained in a very scientific way and most importantly at the end of his reading, he said that everything was balanced with good energy in our premises and there is nothing that needs to be change! As the owner, I am pleasantly surprised by his findings yet very pleased that my instinct and feelings for the company was what he also forsees. Thank you to Master Alex for his honesty, knowledge and kindheartedness to share his passion in Feng shui with people. Highly recommended!

Posture Plus

I invited Master Alex to my restaurants and my home. His advice is very simple yet it truly help my energy level and business performance. He never ask us to buy expensive fengshui items. But something simple to place at the right places. Since his visit, our business has pick up multiple times. Thanks Master Alex. I strongly recommend those who need to enhance positive environment at home and in business.

Suchana Swangsrisuthikul

Director at Jai Siam -

Thai Food Halal Restaurant

By adopting simple strategies, participants are better able to enhance the positive energy in their home to achieve greater health, wealth and relationships in 2023!

NTU Alumni Club

Truly impressed with Master Alex service, managed to sold my unit within a month with record high price and check carefully for the landed to be purchase with no rush until get the best unit. Thank you so much Master Alex πŸ™.

Gary Tan

Have been engaging Alex's service for the past 4 years ! We like his style of service, honest and upfront. Straight to the point. Unlike my past experience with other fengshui masters who are pushy and upsell their expensive products.

Cleo Goh

We have engaged Alex’s services for the past few years and it’s amazing how easy and scientifically he would explained energy which is residing in our environment to us!

Cassandra Lee
Alex gave insightful sharings and whatever he mentioned this year, was a CLEAR spot on!
I used to be slightly skeptical of Feng Shui until I listened to Alex and his tips are simple, easy and practical.
I am blessed to know an expert like him and will recommend him to other friends and family members!
Lenney Leong
My daughter bought their house in Toa Payoh recently. Approached Master Alex for the floor plan analysis. Alex is patient and friendly. He explains in detail the layout of the house. The dos and don'ts and what to avoid during renovation.
Certainly highly recommended Feng Shui master !
Lee Kai Hung
Master Alex provides direct and clear Feng shui advises on our office orientation and layout every year.
He use the minimum resources and safe tools to provide the best solutions and advises. We continue to expand and grow under his care. Huat Huat πŸ‘
Celene Shee
Alex had reviewed my house Feng Shui for a few years. I am blessed to have healthy life, happy family and good luck in my Japanese restaurant business and property investment. Thank you Alex!
Fleex Lee Joo Hong
Logical solution for your fengshui situation.
No hard selling of additional item.
Simple to understand and reasonable advise.
Lim Song Kiat
No need to talk so much.
Any problems just go to Master Alex... north south east west... he is the Best!
Thanks for helping us read our 3 cafes... appreciate it.
Ang Yit Tat

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